Charlie M.
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The animals below, in the memorials page, honored me with their friendship at some point in both our lives.  To them, I am forever grateful and happy to have known each and every one.  Thanks for the memories, my friends. RIP and happy trails over the rainbow bridge.  See you again someday!
Tucker T.
Otis A.
Ginger E.
Haley M.
.Glinda V.
Maggie P.

Ruger M.
Rocco C.
Aydon E.

Cheech N.
Frankie K.
              Daisey A.         
Nugget R.

​Carla S.
Holly DeLaRhonde Evans 
 03/04/2000 - 07/20/2015

Benjamin M.
Carey R.
Chopper C.
Frauline W.
Quinn S.
Latte B.
Hannah S.
Fenris V.                      S.
Buffy S.
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George B.
Tuffer H.
Chobi E.
Harley W.
Samsin W.
Elijah W.
    Oreo C.
Dakota B.
Kita S.
Hagan W.
Lola R.
Rocky L.

Buka Z.
Pepper B.
Duke W.
Queenie A.
Sunshine M.
Cooper U.
Kane P.
Molly Blue M.
Bullet P.
Jasper P.

Charlie M.
Pippa S.
Radar E.
Belle S.

Bridget C.
Fergus A.
Daisy N.
Fionna A.
Rudy M.
Sunny M.
Apache F.
Max J.
Moose C.
Beau Evans

      Whitey Evans

Maggie K.
Max and Maggie S.
Koko P.
Logan M.
Comet P.
Gunny K.
Freya V.
Molly B.
         Ellie Evans

Hank A.
Ceiledh M.
Jake B.
Hershey R.